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Sidebar image is Hana for Hanayamata, with transparent bg posted by nala-suu ^^
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  • darkenedalice:

    Ryoma is such a friggen dork! :3

    Love this boy. I adore how excited and proud he is to be on go-busters. It’s too cute.

    posted on Jul 25, 2012 ( via: darkenedalice-deactivated201301 ・ origin: darkenedalice-deactivated201301 )
    tagged: baba ryoma this guy's lips OQO cute wae you look so fineeeeee dork
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      oh my god you are such an adorable little dork come here precious
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      I’ve noticed a recent trend where the actors are actually HAPPY to be involved with Sentai/Rider. Like, they genuinely...
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      Baba-chan ♥ and yep, I want all this toys too XD
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