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  • Takarazuka GRAPH June 2014 translation “Asumi Rio - CLOSE UP ‘my favorite’”


    I finally managed to post this. Sorry for the delay,I was just having a bad time lately. I’ll still have this beta-checked by a friend and WILL edit it but for now,please bear with this. :D And have fun with Mirio fangirling over flowers.

    Asumi Rio „Close Up – my favorite“:
    Flower Shops… (or rather ’flowers’ now)

    How I came to like it
    When I was still in Tsukigumi, I once received a single flower from one of the younger students and when I put it on my make-up table I felt surprisingly cheerful and soothed by it.So I started buying flowers myself and now I always decorate my rooms with them.

    Asumi x Flowers
    «I always decorate hotel rooms with flower]. That’s why when we have to stay somewhere else (because of a sudden job) for one night, I immediately check out the flower shops on the way from the airport to the hotel.
    «I also like giving flower bouquets as presents. I want everyone to be happy, too… Carefully choosing every single flower by myself while thinking of the person I want to give them to, thinking about the wrapping paper or the ribbon, that time is extremely soothing. So to say, it’s the ultimate self-satisfaction.
    «Maxim! Take a break from unpleasant duties at a flower shop
    For example) stop by a flower shop -> be determined to ‘definitely buy some flowers on the way back’ -> go to the dentist -> break down1-> go to the flower shop -> heal my trauma

    That’s a bit of a shame
    «Because no single flower looks the same and they all have a different ‘atmosphere’ about them I try not to depend on the shop assistant but choose them by myself!!
    However…it’s not a big deal but…sometimes I get pricked by the thorns (-.-) But it’s okay since it’s really not a big deal.
    «Disarray of flowers equals disarray of the heart
    When I’m busy it sometimes happens that, before I even know it, the flowers in my home have withered…’Not having the time to look after your flowers, it’s a reflection of yourself…YOU’ – I severely scold myself.
    «Because I like to put flowers in small vases, one bag of (cut-flower) additives is normally too much. And when I store the additives then somewhere because it feels like a waste to throw them away, white lumps tend to come out of it after some time, which is really disgusting.

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    " My chest feels full of glitter and helium, the way it used to when I was little and riding my father’s shoulders at twilight, when I knew that if I held up my hands and spread my fingers like a net, I could catch the coming stars. "
    - Jodi Picoult, My Sister’s Keeper (via bookmania)
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    Inspiritsubs:: pt 1 l pt 2 l pt 3 l pt 4 l pt 5 l [HARDSUB]

    Inspiritsubs:: pt 1 l pt 2 l pt 3 l pt 4 l [HARDSUB]

    Inspiritsubs:: pt 1 l pt 2 l pt 3 l pt 4 l [HARDSUB]

    ilyjonghyun:: pt 1 l pt 2 l pt 3 l [YT CC]


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